Sunset scenery in Japan without color banding

Cinematographers all around the world are afraid of facing the problem of color banding, due to the out-of-date sensors on the video camera itself or lack of the color capacities in the TV of viewers, or the raw footage decoding that you mischose in the post production.

To deal with this problem, there is no alternative option, only better equipment as the solution. But you may think about getting the job done in the post production. Trust me, it’ll make you frustrating and desperate, at the end you will loss your passion and motivation on film making.

Keep in mind! Always get the proper and right equipment to save your time in pre production effectively and efficiently. Don’t waste your time in post production. Wasting time means wasting money in the real cinema business or Showbiz industry. Producer won’t be happy, neither the sponsors and investors.

Format: Mastershot 16 bit color Gamut 4K 60p

Video Camera: Sony CineAlta 4K F55 Global shutter sensor, Raw recorder R5.

The Raw files are available with conditions as below:

  • credit title (for free)
  • no need credit title (for sell)

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